2017: the year of celebration
music - Marco Schiavoni
choreography - Luca Bruni
sceneries and costumes - Mario Ferrari
dancers - C.ia OPLAS/CRDU

This year we will celebrate the 20 years of our performance "Once upon a time... a swan lake" - first staged in 1997 at the Biennale Theatre Jeunes Publics, Lyon (F) - : this one was the first perfomance with which our company started to promote projects merging contemporary dance to other theatrical disciplines, opening the way to a long term and profitable multi-discipline contamination.

At the beginning the performance was created for the out-door and un-conventional venues: soon afterwards, till nowdays, it was staged more than 200 hundreds times in many different situations such as theatres, squares and streets of 18 different countries.
The celebration started last September 2016 when we presented a commemorative show called "SWAN LAEK re-load" at the 30th Todi Festival, and will continue all along this 2017.

During the celebration of the Prince’s engagement, other young people have been changed into swans by the spell of Rothbart, and they are all desperately waiting for the day to be freed.
...only a Prince will set them free bringing them hope, virtue and a new life...
But where's the Prince? Everybody is looking for him, but no one knows where he is hiding himself...
And you: have you ever seen where the Prince is?

SWAN LAKE re-load
first staged at the TODI FESTIVAL 2016
Lo scorso Settembre a Todi, in occasione del debutto di SWAN LAKE RELOAD, è stato presentato il libro "C'ERA UNA VOLTA... UN LAGO DEI CIGNI - venti anni in giro per il mondo" in cui sono raccolti i documenti storici dello spettacolo, dalla creazione alle tourné internazionali.
During last September presentation of SWAN LAKE RELOAD in Todi, the book "C'ERA UNA VOLTA... UN LAGO DEI CIGNI - venti anni in giro per il mondo"has also been released in which teh documents of these two decades are collected
video-clip ( 3' )
video full in-door version video full out-door version

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